Through Vivaldian Colored Glasses

by Marshall Brown

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This album can be split into three different sections: 4 Seasons, My Love To Lose You To The Ocean, and Aldiviva. Research the keywords "Il Teatro Alla Moda" for additional knowledge about the themes represented in the 'Aldiviva' section.


released February 14, 2013

Marshall Brown: vocals, guitars, bass, keys, percussion
Adam Mcmillan: drums



all rights reserved


Marshall Brown Columbia, South Carolina

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Track Name: Venetian Summer
Your body has such a pretty architecture
It was built for a woman no less
And just one brush of your fingertips
Could leave me longing for the whole caress
If you're not looking for romance
Then please don't ask me to dance
One man's heaven is another one's hell
But if a kiss could really kill
Then I could promise you I never would tell
Track Name: Art Of Falling
I've changed a lot of things
Since you left me in the fall

I really can't remember all you said in September
But October won't get out of my head
I really can't recall all you said at the ball
But I remember what you said in my bed

And when you look back, I hope you don't just get mad
I can see a giant beauty in the small things that we had
And I swear my aim was true even when i was unkind
See, I was lonely thinking of you since the spring had first arrived

I've changed a lot of things
Since you left me in the fall
I smoke more cigarettes and drink a lot more alcohol

I really can't remember all the songs I wrote in September
But October gave me one inside the rain
If every single song I wrote was solely about you
Then at least I'd know you'd listen when I sang

I've changed a lot of things
Since you left me in the fall
I smoke more cigarettes and drink a lot more alcohol
Track Name: Winter Brings The Spring Fever
When the trees are bare
And it's far too cold to sing
Remember the winter brings the spring

When the days get shorter
And the darkness never leaves
Remember the winter brings the spring

The animals are crawling in their holes again
Some shed their skin
Like the trees shed their leaves
But then one day, the sun will come
Shining in the darkest den
And your skin will feel more thin

Cause the spring brings new things
And even a planet needs to sleep
So bring to life your winter dreams...

When the day falls hard
And the fighting makes you weak
Remember the winter brings the spring
(in the winter of your discontent)

Track Name: Mayflowers
There's not enough hours in the day
To count all the flowers in May

We've got daffodils in anthills
And we've got quiet violets looking for cheap thrills
And we've got lovely lilies falling for everyone
And we've got voluptuous tulips kissing a ray of sun

When age old stories, they get retold
You don't hear about daisies, you don't hear about marigolds
A certain kind of beauty you just can't put in prose
But you can say, 'what's in a name?" but a rose is a rose

All the royal snapdragons are gaurding the door of the barn
The kids are milking honeysuckles that grow on the fence in the yard
The sweet fragrance of callalilies refreshing when the work is all done
A little family of carnations can light up a room like the sun
The sun shines down on the sunflowers

I guess all I'm trying to say
I just want a romp in the hay
Track Name: My Love
I told you the only way I knew, my love
I only needed some time away, my love
Oh, but I promise she didn't mean a thing, my love
And I never kissed her the way I kiss you, my love

I often get my way
I never need a change
I wish you could admit that the way that I show my love
Isn't what you're used to, my love
Track Name: To Lose You
Maybe I should fall in love only with the ocean
Maybe I should lose my mind and find it in the blue sky
Maybe I should learn to walk on the dark side of the shadows
Maybe I should fall asleep and let my heart break

(Oh no) Maybe I need to lose you
(Oh no) Maybe it's right to lose you
(Oh no) Maybe I need to lose you
Oh No

But I don't know how to lose you

Feel the waves of the sea in my heartbeat
Feel the light of the moon in my heartbeat
Oh, and the shadows that lie beneath my heartbeat

Track Name: To The Ocean
Sandy, my sugar, sweet the salt on my lips

Horizons bent over to blow me a kiss in the wind
The wind is my vessel to return the favor to them

Foamy fluorescent make a full heart eclipse
Track Name: Art School Blues
I've been pretending to care about things, but I don't even care
I've been writing these songs about women that aren't even there
For me
I've been thinking about all of the things that I didn't do
But mainly about all of these women that slipped right on through
But I don't care

I ain't no business man
I've got a business without a plan
I ain't got no doctor's degree
But I'm a doctor for the common man

I ain't no business man
I ain't got no doctor's degree
But I can do some business with you
If you wanna play doctor with me

But I don't care
Track Name: Shine In The Sand
Shine like the best of them
Not like the rest of them

You wanna be the diamond in the rough?
A cut above the rest is not enough
What about this flashing in the pan?
Sharpen yourself, and get out of the sand

Shine in the sand
Track Name: Spaghetti Eastern
The mind is like an orchestra
Before the maestro waves his wand
A dischordant cacophony
An abstract unlike any song

Can we play this all together?
Can we unify the signal
And slip into our consciousness
And sing our swan song without fear?

I am not a rock. I am a river.
Ever flowing. Ever changing.

Can we brighten up the darkness?
Can we soften up the harshness
And open up our inner senses
And sing our swan song loud and clear?

Track Name: Red Priest
So this is your petition against my sole foundation?
It seems your tradition is at war with my innovation

Fine sir, I will respect your opinion, but with all due respect
I will pay no attention to your rules. They're not for me.
They exist only for the bored and uninspired beorgeoisie.
You speak of this fashion like a frivolous pretension
And there's one thing I can tell you: its never been my intention
To adapt my art to fit your needs. See?
I'd rather die a pauper full of sickness and disease

Tradition! What have you ever done for me?!
Track Name: Modern Prophet
As I appear before you now
I represent all you've been endowed
I'm here to tell you this is F O W L
Cause that is not a holy cow

I'm here to tell you that you know the truth!

So don't be disillusioned, man
The answer lies in your bloody hands
So make a difference while you can
Spread it far throughout the land

I'm here to tell you that you know the truth!

A common people have common sense
We're more than remnants of our youth
You know we've grown much older and bolder
Don't you think it's time we face the truth

I'm here to tell you that you know the truth!
Track Name: The Fashionable Theatre
Il Teatro Alla Moda
(The Fashionable Theatre)