Merry Christmas

by Marshall Brown

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released December 25, 2015

Written, recorded, and produced by Marshall Brown
Mastered by Cecil Decker



all rights reserved


Marshall Brown Columbia, South Carolina

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Track Name: Bask In The Love
There ain't nothin' really black and white
'cept for cattle and sheep and old t.v.s
So quit frettin' bout the wrong and the right
Cause I was once cured by a crippling disease

I've been wandering without wondering
I've seen many shades of blue
All this talk about seeing the light
Never meant a thing until I saw you

My, my, my

Bask in the love, it's all around
Sing a song of celebration and you're walking on holy ground

I've been workin' all the live long day
Never had a penny I did not earn
You've never seen me down the free ride highway
I promise that's a bridge that I would never burn

But I've seen paradise down in a cup of ice
The best of merchandise is cheap or free
And I can't satisfy the U in anyone
If I can't satisfy the I in me

My, my, my

Bask in the love, embrace the sound
The sound of revolution cause this world is merry-go-round
It's such a thrill
It's so real
Track Name: Sleighbells Like Cicadas
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Remember all the funny things that we once said
Remember all the silly times we shared
Now we know that life is more than fun and games and cuddles
So I'm glad that we made sure those things were there

Remember when you hear the sleighbells ringing
Like cicadas in the trees round the place you live
Remember when the darkness grows
The light can swallow all your woes
And all you have to have is just your heart to give

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Remember all the things we said when we were young
Remember all that we aspired to be
Now we know the wisdom from a child's tounge
Cause we knew then what we'd always ever need

Remember when you see lights twinkling on the trees
Like the fireflys waiting just to be in sync
Remember when the sun is setting
And you're forgiven but forgetting
Life is not a game that you can play for keeps

So what you say let's keep the memories?

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year