High Noons

by Marshall Brown

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released March 21, 2012

written, arranged, produced and engineered by Marshall Brown at The Ladybug Mansion.

Marshall Brown - vocals, guitar, bass, keys, percussion, harmonica
Adam McMillan - drums, percussion
Mitch Malyerck - drums on tracks 2 and 9
Lauren Wilkie - harp on track 6

Artwork by Marshall Brown and Jon Crowder



all rights reserved


Marshall Brown Columbia, South Carolina

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Track Name: Prelude: Your Diamonds
You've got your diamonds. I've got my dog.
Track Name: LOVE&WAR/Fool's Gold
I can piece together rhyme as long as I have reason
I can write a pretty song and open mating season
I could sweep you off your feet if you were'nt tied down
I could get away with so much if your man was not around

Maybe I could find my future
(I could find a future with you)
Maybe I could find my future
(If you could find a future with me)
Maybe I could find my future if your man was not around

Don't you think it'd be so much easier
If your man was lost and never found

So just remember baby......
Who knows what I'd do to get to you?

You're golden, and I'm a fool for your love
You could be my one and only, you're golden
Track Name: New Years Day Charade
Somewhere you've seen this dirty carpet before
You've spent a lot of time on the floor
With Benzedrine and Klonopins

Somehow the thing that made you quit has got you wanting more
A pretty thing through eyes that aren't so soar
But you need to open up and embrace yourself again

Find a hand that feels you
A medicine that heals you
Track Name: And Julia...
And Julia...
You caught me in a time when I was destitute
I had the soggy beatup shoes umbrella blues

And Julia...
I know that it was just one night that I talked to you
But you were runnin' through my mind just like a catchy tune

It felt like I was fallin' so in love with you
You made me feel like such a foolish little boy

And Julia...
If it was strange the way that I reacted
It's just pretty little girls like you get me distracted

And Julia...
Can I explain to you my situation?
I had the kid in candy store infatuation sensation...

I was down on my luck and lookin' for a buzz
Then I stumbled in this bar not knowing where I was
And Julia...

And Julia...
Before we met that name didn't mean that much to me
Then like an ocean breeze it hit my lips and it melted me

It felt like I was fallin' so in love with you
It made me feel like such a foolish little boy

And Julia...
I've been stoned in glass houses
I've been alone here with my best friend
I've been shown what I've never known
I've been frightened by the dog at the end of the bone

Betcha never seen a doctor
On the corner selling apples
Like you've never seen a rabbit
Doin easter egg magic
For his talent in the pageant.

If you want someone to help you out
You've gotta let them in

Take a look in my hand, I've got a treat
You can have it all now, the handout's for free
But if I were you, if you were anything like me
I'd want to pay a little cuz I want the real thing

Betcha never seen a preacher
Down beneath the shady bleachers
With the slackers and the flunkies
And the stoners and the junkies
Cuz you know that's where you'll reach us

If you want someone to take your case
You gotta clean your face
Track Name: Night Shades
You always said, "don't take me lightly
Take me heavy like a burden"
You don't know heavy til you've held it
And it's hurting
And through the years I had resentment
Felt I couldn't take the beating
But lately I've the strangest feeling
It's what I needed

I do believe I'm coming cleaner
Feel the stiffness of the water
What shook me then is gonna have to
Shake me harder
Pressing on can be so lonely
But I know it won't be longer
Longer than the time that I've spent
Getting stronger
Track Name: Intermission: Wild Animals After Sundown
Track Name: A Waltz (Down The Street To A Friend)
Your words are so careful and soft
But your actions are hurting my ears
You can tell me it's something special that we have
But I have my doubts and my fears

If you're not sure you want me today
I surely don't want to pretend
I won't sit here and wait for you to open your heart's door
I've accepted that I'm just a friend

When it seems I've always somewhere to go
Don't take it harshly, sometimes a yes man must say no
You see, often I act up, but I'm really very down

I'm not meaning to upset you
I'm just needing to forget you
At least til my feet touch the ground
Track Name: THIS WORLD
It's blue and green
With towering trees
And birds and bees, rivers, streams,
And deepest oceans
This world I live in

With tangerines
And jumping beans
With shiny things like diamond rings
And precious metals
This world I live in

You're still the only thing I don't get tired of
In this world I live in

With electric machines
To do my laundery for me
So I can pour some tea or climb a tree
Or anything I want to
In this world I live in

You're still the only thing I don't get tired of
In this world I live in
We always had the same old fights
The hollow screams, the sleepless nights
We always had the same old fights
There's no more venom in my bite

We always had the perfect crime
The alibis and the pantomime
We always had the perfect crime
And never had to do the time

We always had the same old kiss
The single thing I'll never miss
We always had the same old kiss
You put your lips between my lips

We always had the same old........
Track Name: High Noon Sun
I told you about New Moons
Now I'm sittin' in the high noon sun
And the darkness doesn't bother me
Cuz Mother Nature always fathered me

Now I'm havin' tea in new rooms
Don't you know it takes a brave new son
To live without the blinds and the curtains and the shutters
And give it honest to your sisters and your brothers?

Sittin' in the high noon sun
Thick and heady in the high noon sun
Everready in the high noon sun
High noon sun, high noon sun, high noon sun
Track Name: pipedream (1st dream after the workday)
There's one star in the sky tonight
And I'm wishin' on it
I don't usually wish on shit
But it's bright and clever
Whoopsy daisy!
I think I just wished on a jet
I wish I could jump on it
I'd fly forever
Straight into the never

Sailin' on a jet stream

My algae green lava lamp
Looks out of this world right now
It's shifting shapes somehow
So deep and spacious
Or like a deep sea vessel
Holdin' primordial answers
To questions we haven't yet wondered
Buried in the mazes
And the puzzles on our faces

Only in a pipedream